Taking the Bad With the Good

Usually we only talk about the good times in farming and show the beautiful pictures of baled hay, sunsets, baby calves nursing, cows grazing, flowers and building projects. It is easy to show the picturesque. But there is also the other side we don’t like to talk about; the nasty, sloppy, wet, muddy, cold days of winter or an injured cow, broken down equipment or fences.

I decided to share some pictures of the unpleasant side!   All those of you who have animals will identify. Some of these are from the very wet December we just had with 9 inches of rain but some are from my collection over the years.  I discovered I really don’t have too many “unpleasant” pictures-who wants to take them!


What can one say?


Dried mud on the calves


Sorting calves in the mud.



The cows have literally roto tilled the hill side with their hooves.


Burning trash


Recycling scrap metal


Skull of a deceased cow


Sometimes it feels like you are mud bogging!


Rain or snow, the cows have to be fed


Sweet corn patched devastated by a group of “escaped” cows. Not one stalk was left standing.


An oops moment!


Wonder what she did to her eye!!!


Run-a-way hay bale


Unplugging a hay baler, handful by handful



  1. Fiona Said:

    Farm life is not all clean pasture, wildflowers and cows sleeping under oak trees. City people have such a distorted idea of what it takes to farm! Fortunately farmers are strong and love what they do! God bless you both.


  2. ilvahertzler Said:

    Oh, Pat.. a picture is worth a thousand words..

    And I’m sure you have more of both that are just as worthwhile

    Liked by 1 person

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