The Big Boys


Over the winter and spring the bulls have been penned up by themselves to rest, put on weight and get rejuvenated for breeding season again.



Over the winter they had an “all you can eat” buffet of hay, pasture and Purina Accuration.  The boys are slick, fat and ready for action!


 Quaker Hill Farm genetics.


Quaker Hill Farm genetics.




One of our “home-grown” bulls.


“Big Daddy”

Big Daddy never carries as much weight some of the other bulls but he is huge and long.  He has one speed…slow; he just lumbers or plods along. Gene debated about keeping him another year but he is so gentle and throws beautiful calves. His influence in the herd is obvious with lots of white-faced babies.  White-faced Herefords bred to Black Angus produce white-faced Angus.



We have seven bulls and it takes a lot out of them to do their job as they have approximately 175 heifers and cows to service.  This past year we lost several calves that were born during the brutal cold and ice storm in February so Gene decided to delay the start of breeding season until the first of June. This will make next years calving season start around March 10 instead of February.


Some of the ladies in waiting!


More ladies in waiting!


And more…..

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