February Blues

Somehow February has a way of wearing one down.  The holidays are over, the thrill of snow is gone, the cold is no longer welcomed and you are so anxious for spring which is just out of grasp but oh so close.  In January and February I make futile statements such as I would much rather have it hot than cold,  When hot, sweaty July comes  and I have forgotten the raw, bitter cold I like my winter clothes best!

That saying, it is 25 days until it is  “officially” spring and I can hardly wait.  A beautiful, warm, balmy day like today beckons me outdoors with my camera.  I picked up a few sticks in the yard and scrounged for signs of spring. I found a few.

Daffodils with buds almost ready to pop!


A maple trees with buds pushing to open.


Horses and a donkey grazing in the pasture.


Cattle grazing and lazily soaking up the sun.



This is the baby calf that was born 4 days ago and written about in the blog post “Chaos in the Cow Pasture“.

New calves are being born almost every day and of course they choose a muddy spot!


And the neighbors wash hanging on the clothesline, drying in the gentle breeze and soaking up the smell of fresh air.


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