Homemade Country Vanilla Ice-Cream


This is my custard-based homemade ice-cream recipe that I have really good success with.  (Kendra, this is especially for you!)  It freezes nice and firm and I have never had it fail.  Use your imagination for varieties, I have included some that I have tried and like.

Here is my printable Recipe-Homemade Ice-Cream


  1. Kendra Said:

    Thank you! =)


  2. Linda Burkholder Said:

    Good morning, Pat, I really do enjoy reading your posts on Country Chatter and I really want to try your Ice Cream recipe but I’ve tried to download it at least a dozen times and every time I get a charcoal gray screen that says that Internet Explorer has stopped working. Is there another way you could send that to me? Some of our friends here have lots of blueberries and we want to make a freezer of blueberry ice cream and I’d like to try your recipe. Thanks for your time, in advance. Enjoy a wonderful 4th! Linda Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 17:11:26 +0000 To: dlsburk@hotmail.com


  3. Julia Perry Said:

    Pat, thank you so much for this printable recipe for your yummy ice cream. I’m buying an ice cream freezer today and making this for a 95 year old lady who is special to me and says she has never had homemade ice cream. I’m thinking of making vanilla and then having toppings on the side for her to sprinkle on as she wishes. I so enjoy your articles and recipes. Have a wonderful July 4, Julia


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