Where is Winter?

This afternoon I took a ride on the golf cart to enjoy the lovely, warm (70 degree), sunny afternoon. It is the middle of January but what I found were signs of spring.


 The cows were relaxing and chewing their cud in the pasture.

There were numerous newborn baby calves.



This mama has cancer in her eye.  She surprised us with a baby.  Hopefully she will be able to raise it.


I loved this curly haired little baby.  He was just born today.


A field of rye coming up.


Cleaning up and timbering.



Dandelions blooming!


Daffodils popping up.


The roses are popping new growth and I haven’t trimmed them for the winter yet!

January should be the coldest month of the year.  We are needing cold weather to kill some bugs and flu germs.  We are also needing some winter moisture. Snow is a natural source of nitrogen that is vital to fields. The spring that meanders through the bottom is dry and this time of year should be running water.  I loved the beautiful spring-like day and enjoyed my ride but…where is winter?????

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