I Hit the Jackpot!


I did it.  I did it! I DID IT!!!!! This morning when I stepped on the scales it banged, clanged, jingled and sang (not really but in my mind it did). I had hit my jackpot, the 50 pound weight lost goal!!!!..  I just stood and stared at the scales.  I wiggled around, moved my feet to see if the hand on the dial was stuck. I could hardly believe my eyes even though I was weighing myself every day and knew I was one pound from the goal. I’ve been claiming it for several weeks now as I was within a few pounds but now it official and there is no anticipating the fact. For some reason the last five pounds took a long time to come off.

I started this journey February 7 and I it took me exactly 8 months of daily recording ALL my food and drink intake on myfitnesspal.com to get to this day.

If you are struggling with  weight loss, I highly recommend myfitnesspal.com.  I did not deny myself any food group, go on a diet binge or buy special products. I counted calories, managed portion control and walked the treadmill.  I am so excited to say I went from a tight 14 jeans to size 6.

Now my concern is keeping it off and not letting that sneaky, creepy fat find its way back on. My plan is to stay on myfitnesspal and I anticipate that as long as I make myself accountable to “my pal-my best friend”, I will keep it off.  After all,  I talk to this pal several times a day. It knows my deepest secrets!

When I started this journey, I set my goal for 22 pounds. I didn’t want to feel defeated and said I would be happy IF I got to 165.  The unbelievable part for me now is that I am back to my “before having baby days”.  I never, ever dreamed that was possible.  I know, I’m a woman and I am not suppose to want any one to know my weight or age. But….at 63 I weighted 187 and now I am proud to say one year later I weigh 137.  How many years have I just added to my life? The bottom line is, I feel soooooooo good. This is so different from one year ago.  (See my blogs posted below). Most of my aches and pains are gone. Now when I pick up a 50 lb. bag of feed I can hardly believe I was carrying that albatross around every step I took.  Now it’s all I can do to lift and carry the bag!

For now, I am enjoying the winning of the jackpot. It is sweeter than honey and better than chocolate! (I think!!!)

My Fitness Pal

A Little Less of Me

Local Hertzler Get-Together 2016

There is just something about kinfolk that is extra special.  There are three family lines of Hertzlers living in Cumberland, Powhatan, Buckingham and Prince Edward counties. We all connect to the same genetic pedigree several generations back. We love to visit together, live within easy visiting distance but just don’t get together very often.  We decided it was time to get together for a reunion.

Joe and Norma Hertzler graciously hosted the evening at their lovely, manicured homestead in Cumberland. The evening turned out to be perfect weather after a rainy week and morning and the turnout was great. I even heard something about this being the first annual!!!


Helen and Tom Hertzler


Betty and Ray Hertzler


Tony Hertzler


Bob Hertzler


Marie Hertzler


Norma Hertzler


Joe Hertzler


Bobby and Bob Hertzler


Gene Hertzler


Annette Hertzler


Phil Hertzler


Jeremy Khosropanah


Lucy Miller


J.R. Hochstetler


J.R. Hochstetler and Jesse Hertzler


Freeman Hertzler grilling his marinated venison tenderloins. They were delicious. This guy knows how to cook.


Felicia Miller






Michelle Hertzler


Allie Hertzler


There were lots of things for the children/young folks to do:

Dutch Blitz, volleyball, target shooting, Corn Hole, play set, sandbox, dressup, and chasing bubbles.





Cassidy played “dress-up”. I wonder how many different times she changed clothes during the evening.



Allie Hertzler




The setting and weather was perfect.






Beef, turkey or sausage dogs and venison tenderloin.

Highlight: Gospel Hoe-Down

Some of the Hertzlers are fortunate to have inherited the music gene and they entertained us by playing their instruments and singing toe-tapping, old-time, gospel favorites. It was a fun, fun time listening and singing along.


Joe Hertzler


Paul Hertzler


Gery Hochstetler


Joe, Michelle and Phil


My camera battery died and I missed getting a hilariously funny performance by Joe called “The Tickle Song” and a crazy rendition of  “Black Gold Fever” by Tom.

“Jesus, Tender Shepherd” by Cassidy Miller

Joe shared some thoughts about his “pop” who is 99 years old and in his honor sang “When the Saints Go Marching In”.


 This picture taken by Annette Hertzler is my favorite of the evening.


It is priceless and we dubbed it “The Hertzler Boys”!


Attending were:

  • Brothers Phil (Annette)and Tom (Helen) Hertzler from Prince Edward county and some of their children.
    • Phil’s son Freeman (Allison) and son
    • Tom’s daughter Michelle (Karl) & family (Note: Michelle married Joe’s son Karl)
  • First cousins Bob (Marie), Ray (Betty), Joe (Norma) and Gene (Pat) Hertzler from Powhatan and Cumberland counties.
    • Bob’s sons: Bobby and Tony
      • Tony’s son-in-law, Jeremy Khosropanah, and grandson
    • Joe’s children:
      • Veronica (J.R. Hochstetler) & family
      • Lucy (Roy Miller) & family
      • Karl (Michelle) & family
      • Jesse and his children
  • None of the Howard Hertzler line were able to attend.



Redneck Girl!

So. I sent Summer on a delivery to Chesterfield and she also needed to make some stops to pick up some supplies. She came back to the store carrying her tennis shoes and said, “People in Chesterfield must not know what boots are! They look at you like you are weird”.  It was rainy and I can understand the boots for where she was going on the delivery.  But…


I said, “You didn’t go into Lowes and Sams looking like that???!!!”

I am sure you can guess her answer…. “Of course!”

I started laughing. The redneck girl went to town to buy, of all things, a chandelier for one of our customers in Bermuda.



Looking like this!

Maybe sometimes it is just better not to know!!!

Like they say, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”.


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a large, white,  two story, clapboard farmhouse sitting in the middle of our lawn.  For those  of you who are “Powhatan old-timers”, it was the John “Booker” and Mary “Lula” Webb homestead. (See note at the bottom of the post for a little bit of info about the Webbs).


This is one of the Webb boys-I forget which one. It may be Percy.

The leaning walnut tree on the left side of the house is still standing.  From day one, I disliked that tree and wanted it cut down. It was hollow, half dead and  leaning. I wanted to help it out of its misery. Gene saw its potential.  Lightning, storms and disease have taken down all the original trees plus some that we have planted, except for that tree.  Since I wasn’t allowed to get rid of it, I planted a maple beside it to replace it when it succumbed; which I knew would be in the very near future. Instead, it was as if the maple gave it a will to live and thrive. It revived itself, sprouting new growth and has stood the test of 45 years just to prove me wrong!! I do believe it will outlive me.


We were privileged to know some of the Webb family; Percy and   “Aunt” Susie Worsham (everyone affectionately called her Aunt). One of the granddaughters, Vernelle, (Percy’s daughter), lived in California and a number of years ago stopped in for a “trip down memory lane”. The only remnants of her history are the leaning walnut tree, the broken remains of an old well and the dairy barn portion of the house. I am so sorry I didn’t write down the history she told me.  The dirt road in the foreground  went by the front of the house, down through the back pasture, across Thorntons (our neighbor) and ended up on Rocky Ford Rd.

I am not sure of all the timing, dates and families. Someday I will go to the courthouse and do some browsing.  Sometime along the way, the house burned and the Green family living here added a three-room apartment (kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and bath) as a second story to the cinderblock milking barn sitting on the back corner of the lawn. Their intent was for this to be temporary housing while they built a new house. Instead, in the early 60’s they sold the farm to Mr. Allen who added an addition with three more large rooms around the structure. This addition included a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath. The milking barn portion was transformed into a laundry and second bedroom or office. The house now resembled a tug boat!!! The house had a square two story on one corner with a cinderblock, tar and gravel, flat-roof addition around it.  The inside was very nicely done but the outside was beyond ugly!!!


The before…..our “fixer upper”







In 1967, the O.W. Hertzler family bought the farm and in May of 1968, Gene and his brother moved from Newport News to run the dairy. They brought along the farm name, Quarterfield, and painted the outside of the house.

Around the time we were married in June 1972, the screened front porch was enclosed with sliding glass windows.




In 1977, Gene’s folks added a full upstairs and a new roof covering the entire structure, completely changing the look.  Through the years we have given the house lots of loving care: painted inside and out, added a deck, shutters, gutters, new windows and landscaping. The house has “evolved” into a decent looking house that we are proud to call home.


For the house, life keeps getting better and better. Each time it has modeled its new look with style and wonders what its owners might do next.  Only time will tell, but for the little house, it dreams of living happily ever after.


After…. transformation!  And yes, it is the same house. and it still has the upstairs apartment!







This picture shows the leaning walnut tree.

Hertzler Farm and Feed-June 2009-web


Additional Farm History

Webb Family

John “Booker” (1853-1934) and Mary “Lula” (1858-1940) had eight children: Annie (Tuohy), John,  Alice (Simpson), Percy, Charles, Susie (Worsham), Arthur, and Bernice (Nicholls).

In the 1910 Powhatan County fair, the Webbs were responsible along with other residents for the huge success of the fair. He was one of the prize winners of the Virginia Burley Tobacco.

John was a very strict with his children about the care of his animals and always wanted to make sure they had water. He would take wagon loads of supplies to the “poor house” and the residents would sit on the porch waiting for him to arrive. Meals were served promptly at 6 a.m., 12 noon, and 6 p.m. in the Webb household.

Information taken from Powhatan Heritage Book printed in 2010 by Powhatan County Heritage Book Committee.

Note: This information tells me that tobacco was probably raised on the farm along with a variety of different crops and animals. The daughter who visited remembers milking cows.

We also know that at some point there was a moonshine still on a knoll across the creek in the back corner pasture.  When the Hertzlers purchased the farm they found remnants of it and numerous quart jars-one of which I still have.

Mr. Green

Mr. Green was a farmer and his wife was a school teacher.

Bernard Allen

Bernard was a plumber and he purchased the farm in the early 60’s. He milked cows and purchased a new line of John Deere equipment which were all sold at auction in 1965 or 66. The Hertzlers had restless feet and wanted to move the dairy out of Newport News as the city was encroaching on the farmers. They came and looked at the farm but did not come to the sale. The farm was sold to Hugh Ownby and Eddie Orange, a big cattle broker and re-estate company. They were planning to turn it into a cattle auction facility. Plans changed and in 1967 the Hertzlers purchased the farm. That fall they planted rye in preparation for moving the dairy herd in May.

The Allen boys loved to race cars and used the quarter mile driveway as their racetrack. For years bits and pieces of their vehicles would work their way to the surface in the driveway.


If anyone has or remembers tidbits of history on the farm or any of these people I would love to know. Pat


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Heatwole Gathering-2016

This year our family gathering was at the home of Jim and Kendra Landis. They have a beautiful home site nestled on the edge of Shenandoah Mountain with National Forest all around. Jim is very creative and their place was better than a park with a zip line, playground, walking trails and picnic area.  The pictures and video clips will tell the story.


My parents, siblings and spouses started Saturday morning with a delicious breakfast at the home of Rich and Marj.

Back: Ed & Eileen Heatwole, Marj & Rich Heatwole, Gene & Pat Hertzler

Front: Mother (Fannie Heatwole), Phil & Ev Borntrager and Daddy (Dwight Heatwole)


Midmorning we begin to gather at the Landis home. The kids had a blast climbing on the monkey bars, swinging and sliding on the play set, and riding their bikes.









The zip line was a favorite for kids and a few brave adults.  The “take off” perch was on a cliff behind the house.  There was an adult at the station to ensure all safety precautions were followed and the harnesses properly hooked to the cable.


After putting on the harness,  you had the thrill of a 500 ft. zip across the lawn to the “landing station”. Two adults were there to receive/catch the “zippers” and help them unhook.






Some of the smaller kids rode tango with another but each had their own harness







I think most of us were anxious and excited to see little Jase. It has been awhile since we had an update on him. He is now 14 months old, cute as a button and a specimen of health.


He had a heart warming smile that made you just want to snatch him up and cuddle on him. He had a strong preference for this parents and preferred you visit from a distance!


No SMA baby ever dreamed of standing like this.  What does the future hold? No one knows. He is on an experimental drug for two years. Because he has participated in the program and shown huge results, he will be able to continue the drug.  Other kids his age have crawled and are toddling around.  So far he has not achieved that feat. He wants to crawl and rocks himself forward but can’t quite get his body into the right position. Is he just slow? We hope so. But standing on his mom’s lap he definitely has strength in his legs.  The movement in his arms is strong and there is nothing floppy about him. It is truly a miracle and gift from God that modern medicine has gotten this far.



I had the privilege of holding him while his mom worked with lunch.  Let’s say “he tolerated” me with a whine!  But whenever I got too close after that he would watch me with those huge brown eyes and get that worried look on his face with a hint of a twinkle in his eyes.  What a charmer!!


I could hardly get enough of the little fella!  He has no idea how unique and special he is.

The Lazy Boy Chair

Gene has had a rough summer with four surgeries (one on his shoulder and three for a kidney stone). He is still trying to get his strength and energy back.  He was struggling this weekend with extreme muscle soreness.


He started out in his lawn chair but behind the scenes Jake and Jim were busy carrying a recliner from the house and up the hill to the picnic area. When the time came to move to the area for lunch,  Jim offered to carry our chairs and walked with him.

This video clip tells the story!



This was really, really a very thoughtful and much appreciated prank!

A while later the sun popped through the leafy overhang and the guys immediately pulled out a patio umbrella for shade!!! How much more loved and special can you get? Jim and Jake’s mother-in-law wondered aloud if she would be this special and cared for when she was old! (The answer is on the video clip!)


The Picnic Area


A funny adornment-I guess just in case you are brave enough!!!



The Faces of Us!














The youngest of the clan.


It was a fun, relaxing and absolutely perfect day with good food, fellowship and weather.

P.S. We missed the families of Keith, Jill, Brian, Jeannette, Aaron and Karmen. One of these couples was in Ireland on vacation and another is expecting their baby any day, any hour!

My New Sunroom

Remodeling puts a whole new lease and feel to your house. We recently redid the bathroom (Remodeling the Bathroom) and now we have just finished a complete remodel of the front porch.


The porch was in desperate new of a new face-lift.  The windows and door no longer closed properly, there was no insulation, the walls were rotten, the rug was faded and it was hopelessly outdated.  Through the years it was a playroom for the children and grandchildren and it served its purpose well. But now it was time to repurpose the room.img_1178

For a sunlit room it was dark and dingy: paneled exterior walls, cinderblocks interior wall, concrete floor and stained batten board ceiling.

It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer which basically meant it was not an inviting room to enjoy.



I forgot to take pictures before I moved all the “stuff” out of the room and realized too late that I have almost no pictures of that room except this one of Emily playing with the kitchen set when she was a little tyke.


Joe Hertzler was our contractor and under his skilled hand my vision for the room came alive.

We rebuilt the walls, insulated, put up sheet rock and put in new windows, door, flooring and a room air conditioner with heat pump (similar to what is used in hotel rooms).







Instead of toys, there is now white wicker furniture. The toys were all cleaned, broken ones discarded and moved to an upstairs bedroom. The first thing Noah said when he came over was “Where are the toys?” He was worried!  Ryan’s first comment was “I hope you didn’t throw away the fire truck.” And with added emphasis, “It WAS my favorite!”  I had to admit it was gone. In my eyes, it was broken and didn’t work properly.

The new look…. I can hardly get enough of it. It is so relaxing and inviting to sit and enjoy the view.  It has basically added another room to the house.  We call it the “Sunroom”. So friends, come, sit awhile and let’s enjoy a panoramic view of the farm with a cup of coffee!










Gene’s Ordeal


It has been a rough, tough summer for Gene. In six weeks time he had four surgery procedures: one shoulder and three for kidney stones.  People are asking how he is doing…..he is now well on the road to recovery and feeling much better. He was even back in the hayfield driving tractor this week.

The beginning of August I wrote about the start of his ordeal in “When Things Pile Up”. For two months he has basically called the lazy boy “his home” (day and night) and his recreation was doctor visits and surgeries. I have teased him about his lineup of prescription bottles.  He could hardly keep them straight. One week he had a medical appointment of some kind every day. He couldn’t drive so I was his “Uber” chauffeur, Meals on Wheels and “Visiting Angels” caregiver. It really wasn’t too difficult but it sure is good to have my good-natured hubby back.

His shoulder is doing well and he can raise his arm above his head. It still aches some and is weak. He is having some issues with his wrist but that seems to be a result of the trauma to the nerve in the shoulder. He wasn’t able to complete his shoulder therapy because of the stone attack and surgeries but he plans to start again to help regain his strength.

His kidney stones turned out to be a bigger deal than the shoulder.  He passed one and a week later was hit with a second stone which he couldn’t pass. He ended up in the ER and was admitted to the hospital. They wanted to do a Lithotripsy (blast the stone) but he had to be transferred to another medical facility to do it but his pain was too severe. They ended up doing surgery to insert a stint. The stint prevented the stone from leaving the kidney until they could do a Lithotripsy. In the meantime, the stone moved in the kidney to a place where they could not see it. They decided to try to retrieve it with a basket. That surgery was not successful.  Finally the stone moved to where it was visible once again on x-ray and they were able to blast that little 5 mm sucker to sand bits. They removed the stint and within a day he was feeling like he was going to be a normal person once again.  He still battles fatigue and is having to pace himself to regain his strength. He was down for a full two months. It is amazing how pain, multiple surgeries and anesthesia sap the strength from the body.


While Gene was going through this ordeal we were in the process of remodeling our front porch into a sunroom.

Cousin Joe provided great entertainment for him!  I kidded Joe about having to “baby-sit”!!!


Some days I found him on the patio just looking and watching his cows and the happenings of the day.




When Things Pile Up

This has been a rough six weeks and it is not over yet.

The end of June Gene’s shoulder suddenly got very, very painful. Extreme would be a better description.  He had all the classic symptoms of a torn rotator cuff  but he didn’t know how he had hurt it.  They did a MRI and it showed a tear.

When asked on a scale of 1-10 how bad it hurt, he would say, “15. I have had kidney stones and this is worse.” He had constant excoriating pain with no relief. A week later they did surgery and discovered that instead of a torn rotator cuff, he had calcified tendonitis and bone spurs. The layer of calcium on his tendons was 1′ thick. They had to scrap all the calcium off the tendon and remove the bone spurs. The layers of calcium on the MRI had the illusion of a tear and the symptoms were the same as a torn cuff except the recovery is much quicker and easier.  The surgeon said it was the worse case he has seen.

Recovery. Therapy. Tired. Aching muscles. More recovery. More therapy.

Two weeks ago on Sunday morning he woke up feeling terrible. He had pain in his groin and his back hurt. He thought it was sore muscles from his therapy exercises but the next morning proved him wrong. He passed a kidney stone!

Ten days later (this past Wednesday evening) at 5:30 the ominous pain hit again. Four hours later I was in the ER with a man in terrible pain. He said,  “I take back what I said. I had forgotten how bad kidney stones were.”

Pain. Terrible pain. Horribly miserable. Pain meds. No relief.

To make a long story short, Gene has seven more stones between his two kidneys. They kept him overnight and on Thursday they did surgery to put in a stint to see if it will help him pass the stones. Right now there is a large one causing the problem. If he does not pass it in the next several days they will do a lithotripsy next week to break the stone into smaller pieces.

We are not out of the woods yet with this ordeal.  Gene has to finish getting over the shoulder surgery and therapy and kidney stones all at the same time. We don’t know what kind of trouble the seven little stones will cause. Gene told someone tonight that he is now in the mining business!!!

When things pile up it helps to count your blessings. 100 years ago people died from kidney stones and there would not have been a solution to his shoulder issue.  We are so blessed with modern medicine and we do not want to take it for granted. But more than anything I want to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for allowing us the privilege of benefiting from these blessings.

In the year of 1976

The other day when I was cleaning a book shelf,  I found a notebook where I had recorded “stuff” from 1976-1982.  It was a treasure of information; my weight, several grocery store receipts, expense ledger, pregnancy records, how to feed newborn lambs and treat sick ones and the menu and expenses for a New Years Eve Banquet at church in 1975.


When I became pregnant with our first child in 1975, I weighed a mere 137 lbs. I gained 16 lbs and I  remember one man told me I was the biggest pregnant lady he had ever seen!!!  Guess what, I still remember who that man was! He got by with it because he was a friend!!! The doctor’s fee for the pre-delivery visits, delivery and 6-week check up was a whopping $475. The hospital expense for my 5-day stay (which was the normal stay) was $750.

By the time of my second pregnancy a year later the doctor’s fee went up to $550.


Grocery Expenses: Spring 1976.

For the Powhatan folks, my three grocery stores were Maxeys in the village where Four Seasons Restaurant now is, Mays at Flat Rock and Giant on Midlothian Turnpike on the other side of Chippenham Parkway (150).  I loved Maxeys and Mays. They were small, family-owned grocery  stores where you were called by name by all the employees. All three of these stores are now just memories.

  • My grocery bill averaged $120 a month. Now I often spend that a week!
    • Margarine 43 cents lb.
    • 10 lb. sugar $2.37
    • Box cheerios 63 cents
    • Bottle Ranch dressing 25 cents
    • Loaf of bread 34 cents
    • Aluminum Foil 81 cents
    • 10 lbs. Potatoes $1.49
    • Roll paper towels 49 cents
    • Bag of Potato Chips 89 cents
    • 5 lb Flour 95 cents
    • Tooth paste 26 cents
    • Bag of Nestlé’s Chocolate bits 65 cents
    • 1 lb. peanuts 89 cents
    • Box of Ice-Cream $1.09
    • Ajax powder 30 cents
    • l lb Bacon $1.33
    • Bar soap 63 cents
    • Kraft Mayonnaise $1.15
    • Bag of oranges 55 cents
    • Box Kix cereal 67 cents.

Folks, I didn’t make those prices up and this is only 40 years ago. We did have our own farm-grown milk, beef, eggs and garden produce.


These were the days when there were no stoplights or shopping on Route 60. The first stoplight from Powhatan was at K-Mart & Giant on the east side of Cloverleaf Mall which was under construction.  (Gene doesn’t think K-Mart was there yet-it was another store but he can’t remember what it was). They broke ground for the mall after we were married in 1972.  This was a big deal as the closest shopping was at Southside Plaze, a very small mall on the Boulevard (168) or in downtown Richmond on Main Street.

Heading east on Route 60 there was Watkins Nursery, the burg of Midlothian with a drugstore on the main drag along with a few other small stores behind it. If you blinked, you missed it.  and then there was nothing else but open land. It felt like a long drive to town.

Garden Seeds:

  • 1/2 lb. sweet corn seed: $1.61
  • 1 lb. pea seed: 85 cents
  • Pkg lettuce: 49 cents
  • 1 red azalea, 8 pansys and 2 yellow tomatoes: $2.86


Another memory.

When we got married in 1972, we stopped on the way home from our honeymoon to buy groceries at Giant. We purchased two grocery carts full for $100. We thought we had spent a fortune!!! The next week we went back and spent another $100. I felt like I was now queen of my kitchen (just like my mother) and had everything I needed: spices, cleaning supplies, baking supplies, paper ware and a stash of other basic food necessities.


Church New Years Eve Banquet-1975

We fed 85 people for a cost of $109.95 and purchased flowers for $5.00.

Our menu was salad with crackers, roast beef & gravy, baked potatoes with sour cream, butter beans, rolls, apple pie and ice-cream.

The ninety baking potatoes, 11 pies and drink were donated.

For some reason I have no recollection of this event. My notes say Marvin and Fern Hertzler donated the potatoes and Janis Ranck, Cheryl Hertzler, Nancy Moyer and Bev Burkholder made the pies and Sheila Schaefer and Carol Landis provided the drink. I think this was probably a youth event since the youth girls made the pies and Gene and I, along with Dave and Nancy Moyer, were youth leaders during this time.

And that my folks, is the way it used to be!

Remodeling the Bathroom

Out with the old…


In with the new…wow does it feel good!!



Besides being outdated, our bathroom was in dire need of a redo. Who knows how old it was, probably as old as me.  The shower tile was cracked and tired, the caulking gross, the toilet seal had leaked and the sink old fashion. There was no insulation in the outside wall or floor. We decided to totally gut the room.

Before pictures…



IMG_0521 (2)



You served us well, rest in peace.

Tearing out….is nasty!




In with the new…

We insulated the walls, floor and duct work under that area, hung new sheetrock and did a total redo of the shower.  We decided to remove the tub and just go with a shower.  New vinyl, vanity, toilet, shower fan & light combo, fixtures, mirror, heater and light complete the makeover.

I was even able to recycle some of the old. The toilet went to a friend, the sink to Goodwill and the tub to Bermuda to scald pigs in a butcher shop.





Now, I have this problem; I keep going to the bathroom…. well, just to look!!!  It feels so clean, bright, pretty and inviting.

Cousin Joe Hertzler, you did an awesome job! Thank you.







Lost in thought, concentrating on his work.


Joe is a very meticulous, neat and experienced master of his trade.

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